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Worm Drive Circular Saw Buying Guide

January 7, 2019Olen Murriel

Circular saws are common in construction sites since they are among the most versatile and important power tools used during home building. They do have other several uses especially in fine woodworking. For example, both the straight edge and circular saws can be used in cutting sheet goods like plywood more conveniently and accurately as the table saw. Circular saws can be used in cutting grooves which are used in cleaning half lap joint and in making angled cuts or crosscuts like in miter saw.

Things to Consider When Buying a Circular Saw

It is important to consider the tips below before you decide on buying a circular saw to guarantee ease of work and efficiency.

Saw Size

It is important for one to consider the type of circular saw to purchase. Saws of different sizes are known to perform different duties hence, before you purchase one, you need to consider the nature of work you intend to do. In case you are planning to handle a bigger project, it is advisable that you go for a larger size saw since using it is much easier and simple.

Depth and Cutting Capacity

When shopping for a circular saw, it is important that one considers the cutting capacity and depth of the saw The saws’ cutting deepness will be determined by how deep the saw can get about its cutting bevel. Circular saw blades are important and getting on with the right depth will ensure it performs efficiently than blades with wrong depth.

Driving Power

It is important for circular saw buyer to consider the driving power since it will make the saw function according to the required capacity. Circular saws do have several horse powers that determine revolution or a blade per minute. In case you will be handling larger projects, it is advisable that you purchase a circular saw with high power capacity to make it effective and easy.

Control and Speed

You need to consider circular saw rotation rate before purchasing one Revolution per minute of the blade will help dictate the amount of work to do. Blades with high revolution per minute are recommended since they can ease work and are ideal for bigger projects.

How to Use a Circular Saw

It will take one some practice to safely and accurately start using the circular saw. When compared to the straight drive circular saw, the worm drive saw makes use of a set of gears to help saw blade arbor and motor get connected. When compared in length, the worm drive saw is longer than the boxy straight drive model. Its’ saw blade is located on the saw’s left side giving right-handed individuals a clearer view of the saw blade when it engages the cut line.

Its trigger handle is lower and behind the motor on the worm drive saw than it is on conventional straight drive models. It means that the saw needs to be held more out in front of its operator than from the top. The trigger handle position makes it simpler to cut the sheet items by freehand using the worm drive saw since the natural motion moves it forward using the cut hand instead of having to push the saw from the top using a conventional straight drive model.


In both cases, you will need to get some time to learn how to make cuts using any type of saw before you try making any accurate freehand cuts. In case you are a left-hander, it can be challenging to cut using a worm drive saw since the rearward trigger handle position is never good for leaning over the saw to allow the saw blade engage the cut line.

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