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Using Band Saw

December 3, 2018Olen Murriel

Band saw: a user’s guide to proper use

A band saw can really become the game changer for any expert woodworker. When it is used skillfully and properly, it can really help you create a variety of different wood shapes along with original creations. Although woodworking can be performed with the use of a jigsaw, as well, the results of using a band saw are by far better. A band saw consists of a large blade which creats a continuous loop. The blade is strung over 2 pulleys, one below and the other one above the saw table. The upper one is idle while the lower one is driven by a motor.


Whether you are a beginner in woodworking and want some useful advice concerning the use of a band saw or you are an expert who still wants to learn something new, this article is just the right place for you!


1. What exactly is a band saw

Band saws play an important role in every woodworker’s shops. They are used to cut different shapes of wood, usually irregular ones. They are also, great for resawing small strips from larger pieces of wooden surfaces. Apart from wood, band saws can cut other materials including metal and lumber, as well.

2. How to properly use a band saw

When you start using a band saw, the first thing you’re gonna do is place the wood properly on the saw table. Then, you start to maneuver the wood following the curve line you have chosen to create. Since a band saw can make a variety of different curves, there is actually a large number of sizes in the band saw’s blade you can choose to buy. Continue reading to find out more on how to make straight cuts, how to resew boards into thick stocks and some major safety tips.

3. How to cut curves in big beams

The most serious problem with cutting curves in thick stock is that usually the free end of the blade drifts outwards, therefore the final cut is a bit larger than the one you had imagined achieving. Bandsaws have the benefit of accomodating almost every thickness of stock. In this article, learn some tips on making ideal cuts in thick stock.

4. How to use your band saw safely

From a statistical point of you, the band saw is the most safe tool you can use when you occupy yourself with woodworking. However, it can still cause you severe injuries if you are not careful enough. You should always keep your hands and fingers away from the blades and you could buy some special latex protective gloves, as well This article can really give a better idea on proper ways to use a band saw safely.

5. Important usage tips

When you have understood the basic things concerning the use of a band saw, and how to make proper cuts, you could expand your knowledge further with these useful tips. For example, you will learn how to better cut a shape, like a circle out of a wood stock.

6. How to change blades

Choosing the right blade can be vital when you use a band saw. A tight curve requires a very thin blade, while a larger cut should be used when you want to cut larger parts of a surface. In that case, you should know how to properly change your blade. The steps you need to follow are specific and require attention and focus.

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