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The Best Construction Industry Of The SPF Lumber

October 14, 2018Olen Murriel

What is SPF Spruce, pine fir these are tree species classified as softwood in Canada, the three species have similar features in physical and mechanical characteristics. SPF are readily available as they are farmed in small and large scale for construction purposes.

How do I recognize an SPF timber?-The physical features color white to light-yellow, tight knots with these you are able to get the best of SPF timber the timber yard attendant will not deter your decision.

SPF as a softwood is graded into four from grade A to D the high the alphabet order the better the wood grade, the grouping also consists of low grad. like grade A still, have some further substandard.

SPF farmed in large scale are harvested in a structured fashion. Felling is done, upper part branches chopped off, trunks inspected and grades before transporting to the timber mill. The trunks are milled into efficient sizes subject on the wood grade while still wet. There is a need to check your timber for further moisture reduction.

There are two species of the SPF Western Canada and Eastern Canada.

Eastern (Saskatchewan) comprises timber from red spruce, jack pine, black spruce, and balsam fir species. Western (Alberta and British Columbia) consists of timber from white spruce, lodgepole pine, Engelmann spruce, and alpine fir species.

How is SPF timber used?-used to make the famous 2×4 inches dimensional timber for house building. The variation in SPF timber grading there are -panel engineered timber products as plywood, laminated veneer timber, cross-laminated timber, furniture frames, packaging among many products.

In North America the SPF timber is mainly used in the wall frame, roof frames, roof binds, floor supports and beams, the SPF light weight, strength ease to cut through and nailing give the timber a notch in the softwood niche.

Why is SPF timber predominantly used in North America for wood frames construction? Robustness-The durable factor in wood buildings that last for many years, with the best choice of SPF timber your house can serve and last for long.


Improved warm air performance

Wood frames are easily insulted to RSI 2.62 minimizing the heating and cooling expenditures, giving a comfortable dwelling.


The low cost of timber purchase and construction in North America make it a desired mode of construction, the timber is readily farmed lowering the cost.

Easy Electrical and mechanical installation- inside wall and floor hollows are used for horizontal and vertical cabling services.

Architectural flexible

The altering of the house design, either in an extension of any need area is easy Appropriate construction time-The laying and joining of timber is fast with the best workmanship and the high grade of SPF the construction is time, labor and cost saving.

Building codes-wood frame building is above the regulated building codes, due to strength fire safety and transmission of sound.

Grading system The National Lumber Grades Authority rules in Canada categorizes all SPF Lumber in the similar mode.

The SPF lumber understanding and mode of application and the factor that improves the lumber industry will charm your consideration.

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