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“Safety Gears” How is important for woodworkers ?

October 15, 2018Olen Murriel

Woodworking can be dangerous. Protect yourself when working with wood pieces. Following are some important safety gears for woodworkers.

Safety Glasses

Eyes are precious and you never want to damage your eyesight. Woodworking machines run at very high speed. Even a small chip thrown at high speed can damage your eyesight permanently. You cannot react in time when a hard chip hits your eye at high speed. You should always wear safety glasses during any woodworking job.

Face Shield

It will protect all parts of your face from the flying chips. It is not advisable to put aside your safety glasses when wearing a face shield. When wearing a face shield, some gap is left at the bottom and sides of the face. Combine both these protective gears for maximum protection to your face and eyes.


Most woodworking experts advise against wearing gloves when working with the power tools. The problem is that blades of the power tools running at high speed can pull up the gloves in the fraction of a second and injure your fingers. However, it is advisable to wear appropriate protective gloves when handling some types of woodworking jobs that do not involve use of power tools. For example, Kevlar gloves protect your fingers from minor cuts and bruises when handling rough wood pieces and using some types of hand tools. Use nitrite gloves when working with chemicals. There are gloves and finger guards to protect fingers when working with abrasive and hot materials.

Face Mask

Woodworking results in lots of dust. Wear a dust mask during woodworking jobs.

Hearing Protection

Power tools generate high decibel noise. Hearing protection becomes necessary if you are going to work for long hours with power tools. Different designs of hearing protectors including earplugs are available for this purpose.

These safety gears are worn by the person working on the wood pieces and using power tools. There are other types of safety systems like push block, push stick, featherboard, ground fault circuit interrupter, knee pads, apron, safety chaps and coverall. Wear the safety gears and use the safety devices depending on the type of woodworking you are doing and the type of power tool being used

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