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Proper Router Bit Installation

October 25, 2018Olen Murriel

As far as design goes, there is nothing complicated about a power router. Bits are very easy to install, since all you need is to attach them to the end of the motor spindle. Once in place, they can spin at speeds of up to 30,000 rpms. With such great speeds also comes some risks. Therefore, special care is needed to ensure that the bits are installed properly before use.

When attached properly, the router bits offer less risks and provide more effective results. The part that holds the bit is called the collet, and the bit has to be installed in a way that ensures it attaches to this part properly for the reasons just mentioned. The collet is what keeps the router bit attached to the motor spindle. Generally, ineffective installation of the router bit can result in excessive and unnecessary oscillation or chatttering. The problem with this scenario is that the chances of the bit breaking while the router is in use increase significantly.


How to Install a Router Bit

This process begins by first checking that the router bit is clean, and somewhat free of pitch. More importantly, the router bit needs to be sharp. Otherwise, it should be sharpened or replaced with a sharper alternative. Similarly, the bit should not have any defects, chipping, or excess burns.

During the actual installation, you should avoid inserting the bit completely into the face of the collet for routing. Rather, the bit should be inserted until the bottom of the collet, then pulled back about 1/8 to % of an inch before the collet is tightened. Additionally, at least A inches of the bit’s shank should be gripped into the collet. If not, then the bit has gotten too short and needs to be replaced.


Safety Measure to Remember

Whenever you are using the router, ensure that your eyes are protected by wearing safety glasses. Also wear other necessary safety gear, including hearing protection. Similarly, as you use the router, be sure to maintain the appropriate router speed. An improper speed setting can make the bit offer sub-bar performance or even break more easily.

Another safety concern to keep in mind is that after turning on the router bit should be allowed to attain the preset speed before any routing operations begin. Otherwise, starting to use the router bit before it has achieved the intended speed might result in poor results.

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