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Odors From Wood

January 13, 2019Olen Murriel

How To Say Goodbye To Odors From Wood

It is common knowledge that wood can absorb odors. When you store objects that have a special smell in boxes, chests or even drawers which are made of wood, the surface of the storage place can absorb the smell of the object. That is ok when the object in question stays in the box. It can be quite annoying however, when you want to place something totally different into the box or the chest and you can still smell the previous odor.

If you are wondering how you can get rid of these odors once and for all, then you should know that the problem is not that easy. Many factors should be considered, like the type of wood, as well as that of the odor, the way the wood was finished and finally, the kind of object you are gonna store into the wooden unit afterwards. Although you may know the answers to all of the above qustions, you should still consider some solutions that could really help.



The market nowadays offers a great variety of cleaners that can really help you remove odors from wood. A big category of wooden stains includs odors caused by your lovely pets. Although commerical cleaners can help you get rid of pet stains once and for all, you could also, try out some other methods all by yourself at home. One common method includes wiping the wood with a cloth damp with ammonia and afterwards with the use of a second cloth dampened with fresh water, wash off the ammonia. You should work this method in an area where fresh air is present at all times, cause ammonia can be quite irritating.


Natural ingredients

An easy to follow recipe that guarantees fast results in removing stains from wooden surfaces includes the use of olive oil and vinegar. You should mix one part of olive oil to 24 parts of white vinegar After shaking the bottle well, you should spray it on the wood.


olive oil and vinegar

Charcoal and newspaper

Both the newspapar and the charcoals are knwon for their ability to absorb smells. In order to see some positive results, you should fill the box or wooden drawer with a sufficient amount of newspapers and charcoal briquettes. Leave them in the box for about a week and then remove them and refill the drawer or the box with new ones.




Other absorbent materials

lf the above solutions do not bring the wanted results, there are other absorbent materials you can use The most widely known are coffee grounds, baking soda and kitty litter. The baking soda is the best solution among those ingredients. For better results, if the item you will place your soda on is small enough, you could place it into a plastic bag with an open soda container. This process will help to absorb enough odor. Leave to bag close for 48 hours for maximum results.


coffee grounds

baking soda

Seal the odor into the wood

In the rare occasion that every previously mentioned method fails, you could always try and seal the odor into the wood. To achieve that you could use de-waxed shellac. Although shellac can absorb smells sufficiently, it is not water resistant. Therefore, you should avoid the existence of moisture around. You should also, protect the wood with a proper material, like polyurethane.



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