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Move Your Woodworking Tools

November 4, 2018Olen Murriel

Moving your woodworking tools might sound like a daunting task, but it is nothing close to impossible. If you are wondering how you will do it, there are actually a number of options available for you to choose from. Here are some few tips that might help.


Plan The Move Beforehand

As you plan to move, take stock of everything that needs to move, and the means you will use. You might find that it is not really necessary to move some items and tools. The planning phase will also help you to get ready by calling in any extra help you might need.


Look for Extra Hands

Moving requires a lot of manpower. That is why you need all the help you can get. If you have friends or family close by who will be willing to lend you a hand, let them know that you will be needing them on the d-day. If you have a friend who owns a truck or a trailer, his help could save you some moving costs.


Sell Some Tools and Purchase New Ones Later

Not all tools you have in the woodshop are essentials. You can at least sell these before you move, and purchase new ones after you have already settled at your new site. This may be a good idea for finding that extra cash to cater for moving costs. It will also offer you a golden opportunity to upgrade your woodshop. You should, however, check whether the items you decide to sell are available in the market at a lower price.


Prepare Your Tools For Moving

This might include disassembling heavy machinery for easy and manageable movement. Most woodworking machines have cast iron parts and this is the safest way to move them. Decide which item stays where, and close to which one. In the and, you will have avoided breakages and possible accidents.


Consider a Rental Truck and Forklift

This might be the cheapest option possible. Look for a good heavy duty truck and a forklift that you can hire. If you do not have friends who can help you load, than you may be compelled to employ the services of movers for some extra cash. The good thing with this option is that it allows you more control over the moving process.


When To Hire A Moving Company

If you are concerned about the safety of your equipment, or if you think it will be too cumbersome to move your woodshop by yourself, there is no harm in hiring a moving company. This process will probably involve your insurance company, additional documentation, and extra cost.


Laying Out Your New Site

Before you unload your tools, take some time to decide how you are going to layout your new woodshop. This will help to ensure that nothing is misplaced in the unloading and new placement. Also, remember to have some extra tools for the assembling work. It might also help to have a checklist of everything that you need in your new shop.

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