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Most Important Table Saw Safety Tips

November 1, 2018Olen Murriel

In woodwork, there are very many tools that are frequently used for different functions and purposes. Since most of the tools in a woodshop are cutting tools, it is safe to say that many injuries can occur in a woodshop if the tools are not handled with care. However, this does not mean that accidents have to happen and injuries have to be acquired in a woodshop. Proper handling can go a long way in reducing the rate of accidents and injuries in a woodshop.


Important table saw safety tips


A table saw is one of the most dangerous tools in a woodshop today. However, it is easy for a woodshop worker to stay clear of accidents and injuries when using this tool. Here are some of the safety tips to consider when using the tool to ensure that the rate of accidents and injuries is greatly reduced.


1. The use of stands and out-feed tables

The function of these stands and tables is to ensure that there is enough support on the stock that is being cut. They are particularly effective when large pieces of the stock are being cut because they ensure stability and ease of cutting the stock for maximum safety.


2. Knowing when to start the saw

A common mistake that leads to injuries is starting the motor of the saw when the stock is engaged onto the saw. Before you start the stock, it is important to ensure that it is running freely and the stock is not engaged until the saw has reached its maximum speed after being turned on


3.Disconnect the power than change the blade

This seems obvious but many people ignore it. However, it is important to always turn the power off when making adjustments to the table saw. This way, the saw cannot be turned on wen the adjustments are not complete.


4.Ensure you have protective clothing on

A woodshop worker should always have hearing protection and eye glasses for safety. They should also avoid lose jewelry and clothing as it could lead to accidents.


5.Review the features

Carefully review the features of the table saw before you start using it. This is a very important feature as it allows you to know if all the components of the table saw are fitted properly before you turn the power on It also allows you to know what to do in case the table saw stops functioning properly.


6.Make use of a push stick

A push stick is very important and should be used when the stock is about 6 inches from the saw. The push stick will ensure that the worker’s fingers are not harmed by the saw when pushing the stock.


7.Do not use a free-hand cut

When working with the table saw, it is important to ensure that you use either the miter gauge or the fence to cut the stock. Bosh should not be used at the same time as the stock could get stuck against the fence and cause accidents.


8.Remove all the foreign objects on the stock before taking it to the table saw

Screw drivers, nails and even staples can be very dangerous when they come in contact with a spinning table saw. Therefore, it is important to sue a metal detector to scan the stock for these materials before cutting it with a table saw.


9.Do not reach over the blade when it is in motion

It is important to make the adjustments when the blade is completely still to reduce the possibility of accidents.


10. Maintain good stature

It is important to ensure that you do not stand directly above the blade and you should create a wide base with your feet. This way, you are able to avoid injuries in case of a kickback and you are also able to have balance.


11.Ensure that the working bench is clean and clear

You should remove all the stock, sawdust and cut offs from the table. This is because they can cause serious accidents and injuries when they come into contact with the moving table saw. May also affect the ability of the worker to get the correct cuts.


12.Use the correct inserts

It is important to ensure that the recommended zero clearance inserts are used. When you do not use a blade insert, there is a chance that a small piece of the stock could get into the saw cabinet. This could than lead it to become a projectile.

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