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Important features of table saws

October 4, 2018Olen Murriel

The table saw is arguably the most important tool for any woodworker because there is virtually no woodwork task that does not require the use of a table saw Whether you want to join pieces of wood together, you want to shape some pieces, you want to groove, miter, square, or even to rip, you will definitely make use of a table saw. This is why the table saw is indispensable in a woodshop.

This article outlines all the important features of the table saw that you should understand. After all, what makes a table saw useful are its features and capabilities. So, it is needless to say that buying a table saw for a woodshop will boost the productivity of the shop tremendously.


Table saw support tools

There are a couple of tools and accessories that support the table saw. These tools make the table saw more useful and easier to use After purchasing your table saw, you may need to purchase some of the accessories to get the best out of your table saw.

Some of these tools are sliding tables, panel-cutting jigs, tapering jigs, and stacked dado cutting sets, just to mention a few. You also need to understand that you may have to upgrade your table saw after using it for a few years. This is because new table saws keep emerging as technology constantly advances. New ones are usually better, easier to use, and they offer better output than old ones. To confirm this, you may need to compare the available table saws with the kind of table saws that existed about 5 years ago.


Parts of a table saw

There are certain parts that most table saws have and these parts have been listed right below.

  • Table saws have a smooth surface made of cast iron and the surface is meant for stability.
  • There is a handle to raise and lower the saw blade while the saw is in use
  • Table saws also have another handle for angle adjustment and connection for easy collection of saw dust.
  • Table saws are powered by a motor that generates enough horsepower to cut through woods.
  • The best table saws have an arbor that is long enough for full stacked dado blade set.


Here are some more important features of a table saw

As a woodworker, you may find yourself making angled crosscuts often so you should understand the miter gauge. It is a part of the table saw that is meant for making angled crosscuts. The miter gauge is supported by the T-groove in the saw’s table. The T-groove keeps the miter gauge in place and prevents it from sliding out of the groove while it is being used You may need to set your preferred cutting angle before using it

While there are many features to consider while buying your table saw, the most important of them all is the fence. The fence is always and should always be parallel to the saw blade while the saw is in use, Sometimes the fence can become misaligned and you will need to set it right with its tuning controls. So, every great fence should also have a tuning controls.

You may opt for a table saw that has a T-style fence because a T-style fence is usually sturdy enough for ripping relatively stronger, thicker, and larger stock of wood. In addition, a T-style fence allows for secure clamping of feather board.


Safety features

Your safety is very important and table saws come with special safety features. Most of them have a blade guard that will protect you from mistakenly coming in contact with the saw blade whether it is in use or not. They also have larger power switch that is easily accessible. In most modern table saws, the paddle switch is pulled to turn on the saw and pushed to turn it off. That way, users can quickly turn it off by pushing their knees against the paddle switch. Table saws also have anti-kickback pawls that prevent wood from kicking back towards users’ body.

Having gone through the article, you should be better informed to choose the right table saw for your woodshop.

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