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How to build strong miter joints with splines – Full guide

August 18, 2018Sharewoodworking

Miter joints is an easy technique to build a box, however, they don’t have a strength. In case the glue fails, so the joints will fail too. This guide will show you how to build strong miter joints with splines.

Placing a spline into a typical miter joint enhances the strength and could give a wonderful visual touch too. A spline is basically a shim designed to fit into a kerf cut in the miter.

It doesn’t require a lot of work to place a spin on ordinary splined miter joints. Just follow this guide and you will get the best results.

How to build strong miter joints with splines:

  1. Begin with adjusting the table saw to 45-degrees.
  2. cut the miters and readjust the fence between the cuts until you get a 90-degree angle between the miters.
  3. Setup a blade on the table saw to effectively make the flattest possible kerf.
  4. Adjust the blade to 15after that raise it up until the extent of the blade about halfway within the mitered corner.
  5. mark 3 evenly spaced spline spots on the tray side.
  6. Place a transparent tape all around the workpiece corners to decrease the chip-out.
  7. Verify the orientation of the workpiece just before cutting.
  8. Grip the workpiece strongly in the jig after that cut the top slot in the 4 corners, adjust the fence, then cut all of the 4 middle slots, adjust the fence once again, and cut the 4 bottom slots.
  9. Take off the tape.

Match the spline thickness to the kerf, it is usually 1 “. After that, cut separate splines from the strips, cutting them a little longer than the kerf slots. Expand fair glue on the splines, put them into a safe place and let the glue get dry.

This article is the best guide for you to build strong miter joints with splines, If you love this project, please take a look at more than 1000 woodworking project plans with us.

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