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How important is the Pythagorean theorem?

October 12, 2018Olen Murriel

Pythagorean Theorem Helps Carry Out Modern Building Projects

Perfect square corners are crucial in any building project. No matter the size, this rule must be precisely followed. Whether it is a jewelry box, a birdhouse, a closet, or even the layout of a backyard patio, the woodworkers and landscape experts have to find a way to generate an accurately square shape of the corners. Luckily, advanced technologies are not necessarily required for this Instead, they use an ancient mathematical principle.

A Simple Mathematical Principle That Works Wonders

Probably something triggers in your mind when you hear: a2.132=c2. Something vague, which was mumbled once by the math teacher. Well, in fact that was the Pythagorean Theorem, which is a principle saying how to calculate the measurements of a right triangle. The Greek mathematician was only the one who coined officially the rule. In reality, it was applied on many ancient building projects, centuries before it was proven on practice by Pythagoras.

In the modern language of building workers, this term turned into the3-4-5 method. It describes a proportion, used to achieve perfect square layout lines and corner angles. How the 3-4-5 Method Works

This is how you square up a corner, using the 3-4-5 method

These numbers are not random at all. They define a proportion, and sometimes the figures can alter, depending on which unit of measurement is used. 3 Stands for 3 inches, you need to measure from the corner. It is important to make a mark in that point. After that, switch to the opposite side of the corner, and measure 4 inches. Make, also a mark, and join it with the second mark, to identify the distance between them. If it is 5 inches than the corner is perfectly square.

The 3-4-5 method is explained very well by the Pythagorean Theorem. Replace the letters with the numbers, do the proper calculations, and you will find out that the equation is true. It Is Not Always 3-4-5

As it was mentioned, the 3-4-5 line can become 6 8 9, or 9 12 15. The proportion is what matters, indeed. In fact, a lot of measure units can be used to express the proportion. You can use inches or centimeters, when you work on a birdhouse,or digging a pool in your backyard, use bigger units as meters and feet. For example, when you establish the foundation of a deck layout, you check the level of squareness of its corner, with the 3-4-5 proportion, measured in feet. Also, it works with the building of a fence around the house. An important aspect in working with this method, is the ability to do the adjustments, when the third leg does not show 5, and fails to generate a square shop. Take up your time and be patient, until you get the needed result.

On the whole, the 3-4-5 method is a science-proven tool that helps accomplish building projects with great precision and beauty. No matter if you craft a tiny jewelry box, or go big with a commercial building foundation, the rule can be freely applied with not a bit of hesitation, and with high consideration to proportion standards.

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