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Hardwood For Turning

October 20, 2018Olen Murriel

Best Hardwood Species for Wood Turning

Woodturning is the art of working with a wood lathe with tools that are handheld to curve out shapes that are symmetrical. A wood lathe is a straightforward mechanism that is able to generate a variety of forms. The tools operator is known as a turner. Things that can be made on the lathe include egg cups, tool handles, knobs candlesticks, cylindrical boxes, lamps, rolling pins, bodkins, Christmas ornaments, needle cases, thimbles, pens, knitting needles.

The industrial manufacturing has replaced many of these handmade items from the turning shop. There are SOME. custom items or limited production that is made from a wood lath. An experienced skilled turner can make a wide variety of objects with a number of simple tools. When making items with wood lathe requires working with the right woods to get the right results.


Listed below are the best hardwood for turning

1. Ebony

This type of hardwood is considered to be a controversial hardwood, this is because of the history of the harvesting of these trees. These trees have a number of species that range from jet black to a dark brown color. The ebony tree can take up to a hundred years to fully mature. These trees have a number of species, they vary from jet black color to dark brown. the ebony trees used to be harvested in large volumes in some countries they used to cut them down like locusts eat outcrops in a farm. It has resulted in the tree becoming very scarce.


2. Mesquite

The Mesquite tree is an indigenous hardwood found in the desert of Southwest of the United States and also in Texas. Working with this particular wood is about pointing out this hardwood’s imperfections. This tree is very much like a weed but anybody who has handled the wood would probably disagree. The tree has very unique features that separate it from other woods. It is, however, a hardwood and not a weed as thought to be the tree is not readily available in large quantities.


3. Ash

There is not much wood turning items in America, but there is one item that is very commonly used and is probably found in every home, a baseball hat is made using woodturning. many of the basketball bats in America are made using the Ash tree. This is because the tree brings with it durability and a great resistance to damage from impact. Something many players highly appreciate these type of bats. nobody would like to hit a ball during a match and have the bat break in half, this could also result in an injury. Again because of its indestructible feature the wood is used to make handles for hand operated tools like hammers and shovels.


4. Sycamore

This hardwood is a very simple looking tree, it is very similar to the beech tree. It does have much value in term of smell or even taste when used in a food-related project in a workshop. It has a very unique feature, it has a very distinctive interlocked pattern that is grain-like, this feature makes the tree very difficult to break. The grain feature is highly appreciated by wood turners as it really contrasts other hardwoods used in segmented woodturning.


5. Beech

When you first look at a hardwood beech tree you get the impression that is bland. It does not have the grain feature that is highly appreciated in the beech tree. This tree has a very light color. Like the beech tree, it does not have any taste or smell that can be used in a food-grade project. Some people really appreciate the plain features that come with this wood. Some wood turners use it as a contrast in segmented turnings, it can be used to simulate some other woods that are more costly. This wood is used to make bowls, dining and drinking items.


6. Hickory

Hickory can be listed as one of the toughest hardwoods. It is mostly used when hardness is one of the requirements, it has a lot of tolerance and can withstand a lot of damage without falling apart. These woods turns very well when appropriately sharp tools are used One of the downsides of this hardwood is it scratches very easily. This wood is not is not smoothened using sandpaper you use grain to smoothen the surfaces on this wood.

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