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Finishing & Painting Woodworking

November 28, 2018Olen Murriel

Woodworking project basically takes time to build it up. Therefore, it is only important to give it a good finishing after the hard work to give it a long life and also to be able to sell it. Cool woodworking projects catch the eye’s attention and we simply fall in love with what we see most times.


Tips For Beautiful Wood Finish

Many common softwoods usually have problems soaking in wood stain evenly. This is the reason as to why pre-stain wood conditioner is recommended to assist with the problem. It normally smoothens out these softwoods. The pre-stain wood conditioner is applied evenly on the wood finish to give excellent results. Gel-finish has gained a lot of popularity as a wood finish. It is easily applicable by using a cloth and after you get your desired result you then wipe it off. Keep adjusting the level of the colour to your satisfaction. However, it is recommended to learn about the techniques of applying it because it can be disastrous. The next thing you do is to apply a top coat using polyurethane on your already pre-stained project. This coat gives the wood finish some great long lasting look which can last for years. Its preference comes with its easiness to use it and not forgetting its durability.

The lacquer finish is also another great wood finish. It protects the wood against water damagesit is clear in colour and very strong and can be applied or sprayed on the wood stain.

You can also create a hand-rubbed lacquer finish. It is a very good top coat wood finish though it takes some more time than others but the result is worth the wait. It gives an amazing mirror-like shine on your woodwork project. Shellac is also another beautiful wood finish.

Shellac is simply made of a mixture of alcohol and a select insect secretion. As much as it gives one of the most attractive finishes, it is disadvantaged for not being the best in water-resisting purposes. It is easily repairable though and gets back its shine on within no time French polish can also be created for use and it usually gives a very good top coat finish as well. The only disadvantage is that it requires more effort and time to apply but the results are marvellous.

For a rustic piece of furniture paste work wood finish is the most appropriate to use It preserves the furniture but it’s mostly used for specific raw furniture’s.

There is also another category of outdoor woodworking projects. These projects are normally faced with temperature challenges that fluctuate every now and then. The moisture and the sun is also another big challenge. Appropriate precautions should be taken in place while painting as well as preventative measures. Paint wood finishes are normally faced with a problem of paint drip occurrence. The drips are as a result of doing excess paint on the projects or even hurriedly applying the paint. The problem can be corrected by dampening a cloth in some paint thinner. Then rinse with clean cold water and dry out with a clean cloth. Sand the wood and brush away the sawdust off the wood. Finally re-stain or re-varnish the wood. The visibility of the drip can also be taken care of by minimizing it.


Tips On How To Paint Woodwork

For a silky smooth finish, a lot of patience and attention to detail is a major requirement. a flawless, durable and attractive finish is the ultimate goal for the woodwork. Oil based paints usually allow brush marks to flatten out because it dries up slowly. However, the strong odour in these paints makes it less preferable because there’s an option to use the latex paint. It gives the same results, its odour free, dries very fast and can be cleaned up using soap and water.

During scrapping some dents are formed on the surface which is why we fill up the scratches thereafter. This is achieved with the help of a spackling compound. Never use a lightweight compound for it doesn’t stick on painted wooded. A bright flashlight is held close to the woodwork to check on the progress. The wood must also go through sanding before painting. This is to enhance grip on the wood. A liquid sander deglosser can be used when you want to paint without sanding.

Once the scrapping is done the next thing is painting. Choose the correct brushes depending on the paint to be used and the surface being painted. It is advisable to pour some amount of the paint in a different container for use instead of dipping the whole brush in the paint container. Start painting from the top as you go down to the middle. Always reload the brush with some more paint once it starts to drag.

Use a masking tape for protection purposes on the finished part before you paint another colour. Once you are set to start painting the next colour and so forth.

When painting interior woodwork oil-based paints are best if applied correctly disregarding the smell and long to dry factors. The white water-based paints are preferred because they do not discolour and they rarely drip. They dry out very fast as well and therefore you can do a number of coats. The water-based paints are also not recommendable because they don’t give a good finish and they dry out very fast. Going back to the dry part ruins the finish. There are multi-surface paints which are used on other different kinds of surfaces other than the wooden.

They are best especially when you want the surfaces of different kinds to match. Everyone loves some good looking envious woodwork project. The effort and time used are all worth it, way to go!

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