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All About The Table Saw

October 27, 2018Olen Murriel

Things You Should Know About The Table Saw

The table saw is the commonest tool which you will find when you walk around many woodworking woodshops. Do you know how you can use the table saw while in the woodshop or somewhere else? You can use it to: rip boards to narrower widths, make mitered cuts, and slice sheet goods, for example, plywood among other uses. But you must be extra careful when handling the table saw whether you are experienced or not because it can injure you badly or even kill you Many people have lost some of their body parts when working with it and some have unfortunately lost their lives. Thus, every woodworker should learn how to use it safely like this article is going to teach you below.

Workability of the table saw

A high quality table saw do not appear superior by only the looks, it should have certain features that qualifies it to be so. For example, a superb table saw must have a firm base, a big, flat (if possible heavy) table having grooves for the miter gauge. It must also possess a quality rip fence which can be moved easily along the table on any side of the blade. It should also have a detachable insert for fixing the blade or (altering a blade) in addition to a blade guard together with other safety components.

Accessories of the table saw

Do you want your table saw to be all-round? Then, you should consider purchasing a few accessories, and if you are more artistic, you can make them in the woodshop. As you continue reading this article, you will know more about these accessories, for example, rabbets, dado blades, among others.

How to use your table saw like a pro

If you are not careful in using your table saw, you can mess everything and be left regretting for the rest of your lifetime. One of the riskiest things to do while using your saw is putting your hands on the blade when it is rolling. The other dangerous thing is letting the board being sliced to kick back. Interestingly, it is only your common sense that can help you to stay safe like, standing far from the spinning saw.


Guidance on table saw use

Although you may have learnt all the basics of operating the saw, there are still some extra things that this article is about to teach you. This article will teach you how to make a changeable jig for slicing conical legs upon your table saw. Additionally, this article teaches you the way of constructing elevated panel cabinet doors, nearly entirely on your table saw. In this case, you don’t require a costly router or even you successfully make them without one.


Ensuring accuracy of miter cuts using table saw

The miter saw despite being popular in making compound, mitered or beveled crosscuts; it can also be used for making accurate miter cuts effectively as well In this scenario, you are only required to rotate your miter gauge at an angle of 45-degrees to be able to make various multiple cuts. You can learn more about how you can make miter cuts using your table saw in this article.


Using your table saw in projects

After understanding theoretically how you can use properly and safely operate your table saw, time ripens for doing practically what you have learned. In this case, you should try some paid or voluntary woodworking projects. If you go online, you will find many projects that you can test your skills on and some have been given drawings easing your work of cutting. If you are lucky enough, you can even find a client online who will give you a project to work under his instructions.


Reaping big with your table saw

Apart from the various uses that we have stated a table saw can be used on, there are still others that will shock you when will learn about them. For example, if your woodshop don’t have a jointer and you require it, you don’t need to purchase one. In this case, you just make a jig which would enable the table saw function the same way a jointer does. This article is invaluable because it teaches you how to make your table saw versatile and also how you should maintain it.

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