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All About Brad Nailer

October 28, 2018Olen Murriel

It is true that construction work involves trimming around interior windows and doors, crown molding, and the installation of quarter-rounds and baseboards. You cannot do that, or cabinet work, easily or efficiently without special tools or equipment designed to tackle such feat. And that is where brad nailers come in.

What exactly is a Brad Nailer

A Brad Nailer is an equipment used to fire brad nails to a piece of wood. The main reason for doing this is attach a piece of small or thin board to an assembly efficiently without breaking up the thin board. Although each wood type has its own splitting property, all you need is a little bit of experience on how to use it to attach brad nails into a thin board to prevent and splitting.

However, if you could not get the brad nail all the way into the board, which is a common incident for inexperienced users, you should remove it (or out it off, if it will not get in the way). It is not advisable to nail it further into the wood with a hammer. If you do this, it will bend. The reason being that brads are much thinner than standard finish nails, which range in length from 1 to 1/2 inches up to 5-8 inches. So they bend easily under the hammer or from knots in the wood.

Types of Brad Nailer


Pneumatic Brad Nailers

This is a type of brad nailers that use pneumatic air to power the gun. This is the first type of it that comes with different capacity and sizes. And the type of pneumatic brad nailer to use depends on the type of brad nails you want to use.

Electric Brad Nailers

As the name implies, this type uses electricity (alternating current) to power the equipment. The electricity type is usually more efficient than the pneumatic type. Another important advantage the electric brad nailer has over the pneumatic type is the fact that it requires lesser effort to maintain and does the job much faster. However, it is more expensive, but has proven to be cost-effective due to its many advantages. Cordless Brad NailersThese type uses rechargeable batteries and compressed air canister to fire brad nails into woods.

How to Use Brad Nailer

The first step on how to use it is to buy the right hose adapter, which should fit perfectly. Also, get a Teflon tape (or a very good tape) and a pneumatic tool oils. (That is if you are using the pneumatic brad nailer). You will need the tape because you want to fasten the hose to it so that it won’t loose.

Once you have done that, rap the connector with the tape before connecting the adapter to the machine and lubricate the adapter with the oil. Allow it to fully pressurized. Than you need to load the machine (brad nailer) appropriately. If you do not know how to go about this, consult your manual on the quantity of nails you need to load at one time. And than connect the compressor to it ,  make sure it is tight. Now the pneumatic brad nailer is ready to use.

And as you may already know, the electric type is much more easy to use. You will not have to go through these procedures. Just connect the electric brad nailer to a AC power source. That’s it, It is ready to be used.


Useful Safety tips to remember

There are few safety tips you need to strictly adhere to when using the brad nailers (without compromise. It is an effective preventive measure). First things first; Do not use it without wearing safety glasses or goggles – your delicate eyes need to be protected. Also, you need protection for your ears mainly due to sound pollution while using the equipment.

In addition to that, you will also need additional nail strips. This would enable you to complete the job more quickly. Make sure you have read all the instructions in the user’s manual before you use it. And than follow the instructions mentioned in it meticulously. This is very important, especially if you want it it to function Properly.

And if you do not have a first-aid box, you should purchase one. It would be a huge mistake to discard the idea – accidents happen. Besides, every home should have a first-aid box right? Sure. That’s why you need it.

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