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About Wood Router Machine

December 9, 2018Olen Murriel

What You Need to Know about the Wood Router Machine?

A wood router is an important tool needed in woodworking projects. It is a multipurpose tool and not limited to just giving edges to the wood pieces. It can also be used to design complex patterns and shapes as well as to make joints. The type of router machine selected by a woodworker depends on the purpose of woodworking. Straight edge routers are used to out straight cuts. A plunge router is used to create grooves and special designs in the wood pieces. Stationary router table helps eliminate imperfections caused by the hand movements while using a wood router. There are special router tables where the router is inverted for steady cuts. You can design your own router table as well if you are ready to spend some time and invest in the required materials. At the same time, it is better to go for the branded and manufactured router table if you are a professional woodworker.


How Does a Wood Router Work?

A wood router is an electric motor powered rotary woodworking tool. There is a rotating shaft at its bottom. The shaft’s lower end has a collet where a router bit is attached. There are hundreds of different types of router bits used for different woodworking applications. The machine moves at a very high speed. It is different from a drill machine that is designed to create holes in the wood pieces and delivers more frontal thrust power. A wood router on the other hand delivers more power to the sideways depending on which direction it is being moved. A plunge router is designed to deliver both downward and sideways thrust power.


Selecting the Router Bits

Proper Router Bit Installation
Proper Router Bit Installation

Router bits are available in several profiles which is the term used for the cutting edges of the bits. You will find straight bits, edge bits, chamfer bits, rabbeting bits, flush trim bits, and many other special bits. First of all, you should find out the shank size of your router bit. The two most common shank sizes are 1/2″ and 1/4″. There are interchangeable collets that allow the user to use the bit of either shank size. Check the shank size of your router machine carefully before buying any router bit. The router bits in the range of 1/2″ shanks produce smoother out produce less vibration, provide better stability and offer longer life of the cutter. The router bits are made with high speed steel. Some bits have carbide tips that hold the sharp edge longer. At the same time, these bits are brittle as well so be careful when using and handling them. Router bits are available in hundreds of designs but you do not need all of them. Buy the ones according to the types of woodworking projects you plan to handle most.


Selecting the Router Bit Speed

A router motor is designed to run at a very high speed. Its shaft can spin up to 25,000 rpm speed. The motor speed can be increased or reduced as desired. Make sure the bit you use can handle the speed at which you want to use it When buying a router bit, you will find charts and instructions that will help you select the right router bit according to your woodworking application and the speed at which you want to run your router bit.


Buying Guide

You should first determine your woodwork project requirements. Most woodworkers need straight edge and plunge routers. However, some woodworkers install stationary table router as well It all depends on the type of wood projects you plan to handle. For professional works, buy a wood router of reputable brand. Check the machine specifications to make sure its bits and other parts are available easily. When buying a wood router for router table, make sure it allows depth adjustment for table setting. It is an important woodworking tool that is needed often by a professional woodworker.

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